The Moody Blues and Bon Jovi were at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame today (Friday), the day before their induction, to unveil their plaques and displays of memorabilia.

Justin Hayward at the Rock Hall plaque dedication on Friday on what it meant for the Moody Blues to be inducted. OC:…thank you very much. :35

“I think we’re all very grateful to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for being that kind of temple to everything that we loved when we were children growing up … all of the music that we loved … and that’s absolutely true. For us in the Moodies, we knew that once they opened the door to our fans to vote for us to be in this wonderful place, it was like a steamroller baby! We were gonna get in! So, we’re very thrilled about that. It means a lot to us in the group. It means a lot to all the people who loved the music. Thank you very much.”


Joining Justin were John Lodge, Graeme Edge and Mike Pinder. Denny Laine, who is also being inducted, was absent, and Ray Thomas passed away in January.

All of Bon Jovi were on hand, including former members Richie Sambora and Alec John Such.

Jon Bon Jovi at the Rock Hall plaque dedication. OC:…it’s about time. :40

 “You know any kid who strums a broom stick dreams of making a record. Every kid who makes a record dreams of having fame, and every guy who has a minute of fame dreams about having as close to immortality as any of us are ever gonna know, and that’s having written songs that’ll outlive us all. The kindness of the generations around this globe have allowed me, my guys — I think I can speak on behalf of the Moodies or anyone else who ever strummed that broomstick — that opportunity to touch heaven. And so now we now join a very elite group as members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and on behalf of my guys I wanna say, we’re thrilled, we’re honored and it’s about time.”


Afterwards, the Moodies went to look at the display of memorabilia they’ve loaned the Hall, including John’s double-neck guitar, one of Justin’s acoustic guitars, artwork, a mellotron, a drum and more. However, Justin did question Rock Hall personnel about some items he sent that were not displayed, as well as some inconsistencies on the explanation boards.

Bon Jovi and The Cars had toured the displays earlier due to having to rehearse for the ceremony on Saturday. They donated instruments and stage clothes. The Dire Straits‘ display was the least impressive display it contained just some photos, album covers and an accordion.

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Bon Jovi and The Moody Blues at Friday’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame plaque dedication. Photos free to use.