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Crosby says Young left wife for a ‘Purely Poisonous Predator’


David Crosby knows a thing or two about making big mistakes in full view of the public, and he’s learned to be perfectly blunt about blunders — both his own and those committed by people close to him. Crosby didn’t mince words when the Idaho Statesman asked him to weigh in on the news that his on-again, off-again longtime creative partner Neil Young had filed for divorce from his ... Read More »

RUSH Releasing 40th Anniversary Blu-Ray Box Set


Rush are giving fans a hi-def treat for their 40th anniversary. The Rush Is a Band site has turned up product information for ‘R40,’ a six-disc Blu-ray box that collects the band’s five most recent concert films (‘Rush in Rio,’ ‘R30,’ ‘Snakes & Arrows Live,’ ‘Time Machine’ and ‘Clockwork Angels Tour’) alongside a sixth disc of career-spanning bonus material. It’s that final disc ... Read More »

Megadeath cancel Motorhead Cruise


Lingering complications from Dave Mustaine‘s back surgery have forced Megadeth to cancel a scheduled appearance this month on Motorhead‘s Motorboat, a heavy metal-themed at-sea concert event. They’ll be replaced by Metal Allegiance, an all-star group that features Megadeth’s Dave Ellefson and Chris Broderick. According to a released statement, “Upon his doctor’s strict recommendations, Dave Mustaine has canceled all performances for the next eight weeks. ... Read More »

Queen’s Roger Taylor Releasing Two Solo Titles This Fall


While there’s no shortage of Queen material about to come out of the band’s vaults, drummer Roger Taylor will take a moment to spotlight his solo career this fall. On October 27 Taylor will release “Best,” an 18-song compilation spanning from his first solo single, 1977′s “I Wanna Testify,” to his 2013 album “Fun On Earth.” “Best” will be available on CD and double-LP ... Read More »

Robert Plant already planning his next collaboration


Though he’s only just released a new album today, Robert Plant already has his eye set on the next possible project: a Jack White collaboration. And, in fact, he’d like to do it very soon. Plant, participating in a Facebook chat with fans this morning (September 9), was asked if he had plans to work with White during an already-planned stop in Nashville next week. “I love Jack ... Read More »

New Keith Richards Solo Album in 2015


Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards says there are more concerts coming in 2015, as well as his new solo album. Richards spoke to the Associated Press in New York’s Germano Studios, where he’s been working on his first solo album since 1992’s Main Offender. Richards said the album, which he’s co-producing with drummer and regular partner Steve Jordan, is “finished, but I don’t want to put ... Read More »

Genesis documentary coming in November


The upcoming BBC documentary ‘Together and Apart‘ will be paired with another film called ‘Sum of the Parts,’ set for release in November on DVD, to form a comprehensive history of Genesis. Together, they trace the history of a band that not only survived but thrived through a number of lineup and stylistic changes. The film package features input from Tony Banks, Phil Collins, Peter ... Read More »

‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ named second all-time best riff


It’s been one of the most instantly recognizable riffs in rock for more than two decades, so it’s no surprise that Slash‘s lead guitar line on Guns N’ Roses‘ ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ recently placed second (behind Led Zeppelin‘s ‘Whole Lotta Love’) in a BBC poll that tried to determine the greatest riff of all time. Slash isn’t taking the honor too seriously, however. “I ... Read More »

Deep Purple’s Roger Glover slams Rock Hall of Fame


Many people have made mention of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s glaring omission of Deep Purple, and according to bassist Roger Glover, it might be too late for the Rock Hall to make it up to the band. According to a recent interview he did with radio show, Glover said, “If they do induct us, then they’re at least 20 ... Read More »