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Photo Credit – commons.wikimedia.org GREAT NEWS, Brian Johnson fans!  During Paul Rodgers’ “Free Spirit” tour in the U.K. at a show in Oxford last night, he brought up special guests Robert Plant & Brian Johnson to do a rousing rendition of the Barrett Strong classic, “Money (That’s What I Want)”!  Despite the listener-shot camera-phone footage, Brian’s voice clearly cuts through ... Read More »

Neanderpaul “Son Of Get The Led Out” Thursday Tidbit

(Photo Courtesy Of Billboard.com) I can’t possible imagine what it would be like to be famous. Or, even related to someone famous. True story…I’m*told* I’m related to Maury Povich & Connie Chung. Apparently, one of their nieces, is married to one of my cousins. So…in a “Royal Family-type” connection, I’m their nephew (?) once-removed (??). That’s about as close as ... Read More »

Neanderpaul “Get The Led Out” Nugget O’ Knowledge

(Photo Credit: Rolling Stone) Time…changes everything. There was a time when Rolling Stone Magazine would tear into Led Zeppelin with every review, of every move that the band would make. Then, they realized how popular the band was among their constituency. They realized their readers…the folks who spend their dollars on Zeppelin records, might just want to buy a magazine, ... Read More »

Neanderpaul “Get The Led Out” Tidbit

(Photo Credit: Neanderpaul’s Music Room) You’ve heard me occasionally mention how cool it must have been to be contemporaries back in the day. You know…Zeppelin, hanging with the Stones. Zeppelin, meeting Elvis. But…there’s *another* side to that coin. *Some* folks feel like they were looked upon unfavorably due to their association with Led Zeppelin. Was it groupies? No. It was…The ... Read More »

Neanderpaul’s “Get The Led Out” Minutiae!

(Photo: Courtesy of Ultimate Classic Rock) Ever since they split on December 4th, 1980 with this statement: “We wish it to be known, that the loss of our dear friend and the deep respect we have for his family, together with the deep sense of undivided harmony felt by ourselves and our manager, have led us to decide that we ... Read More »

Neanderpaul “Get The Led Out” Fun Fact! Jimi…not a fan.

(Photo Credit: Neanderpaul’s Music Room!) It’s fairly well-known that Led Zeppelin & Vanilla Fudge toured together on the band’s first U.S. tour in 1968 (Zeppelin opened…imagine *that!*). Former Fudge-drummer (giggity!), Carmine Appice has long been a source for the verification/refuting of many a Zep legend. Given the recent mud-slinging between Keith Richards and Jimmy Page, I wondered what kind of ... Read More »

Neanderpaul “Get The Led Out” Tidbit: It costs a fortune to use Led Zeppelin in movies

(Photo Credit: Wikipedia) Saw the preview for the new movie, “The Big Short.” It looks pretty cool. But, they snagged my attention with the huge “When The Levee Breaks” groove. It got me thinking… We don’t hear a whole lotta (see what I did there?) Zeppelin in films. In fact, other than the goof up (intentional?) in “Fast Times At ... Read More »


Photo Credit – musictimes.com Photo Credit – heyreverb.com Photo Credit – Randy Johnson It is an interesting time to be a fan of Classic Rock.  I’ve been enjoying this music ever since I could operate a phonograph or cassette player. And it seems as though as a lot of our most cherished artists are slowly either pulling away from massive ... Read More »

Record Store Day Special Releases

Robert Plant is one of a group of artists who unveiled Record Store Day release plans . He’ll offer previously unreleased live material on vinyl for the April 18th promotion. Plant’s More Roar, a three-track, 10-inch EP on Black Vinyl, will contain versions of “Turn It Up”/”Arbaden” and “Poor Howard” as well as a medley based around Led Zeppelin‘s “Whole Lotta ... Read More »