would have celebrated 79 years today… In a 1980s interview, The Doors’ late keyboard player Ray Manzarek recalled when he first heard Jim Morrison sing “Hello, I Love You,” and had the realization that it sounded similar to The Kinks’ “All Day and All of the Night.” “I remember sitting on the beach with Jim and he said, ‘Hey, I’ve got a song called “Hello, I Love You.” He said, ‘Remember that girl we saw a couple of weeks ago? Listen to the song I wrote about her.’ And he starts to sing, ‘Hello, I love you’, won’t you tell me your name?’ I’m ‘Oh, it’s great.’ [sings the rhythm] ‘Do you hope to pluck this dusky jewel’ is about a gorgeous black girl that both of us saw. And I thought to myself, the song is great. And I should have said, ‘Jim, I think it’s a little too close to The Kinks’ song.’”