A thief’s Facebook addiction lead to his arrest.

According to Minnesota Police, on June 19th 26-year-old Nicholas Wig checked his Facebook profile in his victim’s house – be he forgot to log out.

James Wood, the homeowner, had his cash, credit cards and clothes stolen. In their place was a pair of clothes the thief had left. Wood started to panic, but then he noticed the thief left his Facebook logged in. He proceeded to use the thief’s own Facebook to say how he’d burglarized his house. He even left his phone number in an attempt to see if anyone would call him with information.

The two agreed to meet later on that night. Wood told CBS that Wig was under the impression he was getting the clothes he left at the house back.

When Wood spotted Wig on the street he called the police, resulting in his arrest.

Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom said the case was unusual and could even make late night television shows.

James Wood told CBS the thief was [the] “world’s dumbest criminal.”


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