Bono has apologized after an investigation into multiple allegations of abuse and harassment at his ONE charity’s Johannesburg, South Africa office.

The investigation, which was followed by a lawsuit filed last week by seven former employees, revealed what ONE CEO Gayle Smith admits is “evidence of unprofessional conduct and, in particular, what I would characterize as bullying and belittling of staff between late 2011 and 2015 in our Johannesburg office. The overall evidence from our investigation was sufficient for me to conclude that we needed to own an institutional failure.”

The U2 singer tells London’s Daily Mail, “We are all deeply sorry. I hate bullying, can’t stand it. The poorest people in the poorest places being bullied by their circumstance is the reason we set up ONE. So to discover last November that there were serious and multiple allegations of bullying in our office in Johannesburg left me and the ONE board reeling and furious.”

Talk About It:

  • This could spell the end for this charity.
  • How much money can these former employees get out of a charity?
  • This makes Bono look really bad, and might impact his other charitable efforts.