Sammy Hagar recalls that even before they performed it on stage for the first time, the guys in Van Halen knew “Poundcake” was going to be a great concert opener. In fact, he says they knew it as soon as they began rehearsing it and says, “Every time we played it, you’d be halfway through, kinda bored with it, y’know, playing it for the fiftieth time. And you’re going, ‘Man, but wait until those curtains open and we bust into “Poundcake.”’ There was just a feeling that you knew that it was a great opener. I don’t know whether our fans think it was as much as we did or not, but sure enough the first night when we hit that song you got chills all over your body for a minute, or two minutes. You sit there like the goose man. It’s pretty trippy. I like those moments when you know it’s going to be and then it connects and it’s even more than you can imagine.”

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