VW Buses – Then & Now

VW Buses – Then & Now

Since I married my lovely wife Jill, I’ve adopted her affinity for one of the coolest modes of transportation ever devised:  the VW bus.  In addition to their iconic style, it’s amazing how pervasive these vehicles still are in the world today.  I thought I’d show you our VW Bus, Kramer here as well as Walter, the world’s largest VW bus who’s made Burning Man appearances.  If you want to totally immerse yourself in V-dub culture for a day next weekend, I HIGHLY recommend the 24th Annual AZ VW Bus Club’s Jerome Jamboree happening next weekend in Jerome, AZ.  It’s a great opportunity to ditch the PHX heat for a day & go check out some of the finest & customized VW buses in the SouthWest.

Check it out:


And here’s the photog who did our Maternity Shoot.  She’s great!  www.designsbyplume.com

VWMAT1 VWMAT2 WALTER1 Walter • Burnng Man 2010 TREEBUS