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It is an interesting time to be a fan of Classic Rock.  I’ve been enjoying this music ever since I could operate a phonograph or cassette player. And it seems as though as a lot of our most cherished artists are slowly either pulling away from massive touring or simply checking out (dying) altogether. This year we’ve lost two titans: B.B. King & Chris Squire from Yes. B.B. was a legend who so loved performing that he toured well into his 80s. Chris was the ONLY member of Yes to be on EVERY Yes album from the get-go. We can only wonder if his replacement for the current tour, Billy Sherwood, might get the nod as the permanent fill-in or they may, like Led Zeppelin not feel as though it would ever be the same band without so prominent a figure.

And so this year we’ve seen farewell shows from the Allman Brothers, RUSH, Motley Crue, Bob Seger & The Who are saying this is their last globe trot. Also in the “cutting back on major touring” file are Eric Clapton & Phil Collins. Roger Waters & David Gilmour have both said that Pink Floyd is truly finished.

So which other artists are on the verge of retirement?

AC/DC – With Stevie Young & Chris Slade essentially full-time members these days, is the luster gone for the Thunder from Down Under?

Aerosmith – I don’t see an immediate end in sight for the Beantown 5.

Eagles – All things considered, does THIS band have anything left to prove?

KISS – As long as Gene & Paul can perform, I think they are showing no signs of stopping any time soon.

Paul McCartney – Maybe one or two more world tours? He is 73.

Queen – Do Brian May & Roger Taylor have another major world tour in them? Is it worth it with Adam Lambert filling in?

Page & Plant – Separately I think they’ll continue for years to come but probably no more Zep or anything remotely called a Zep reunion will ever happen.

Rolling Stones – I think until Mick or Keith shuffle off this mortal coil, they’ll keep going ad infinitum.

Van Halen – To me, this has to be the last big swing considering the volatile relationship between Eddie & DLR. Dave is nowhere near his past greatness & it seems the appeal is waning, as much as I love the band.

ZZ Top – I think until one of them dies, they will continue ad infinitum.


Journey, Styx, Def Leppard, Heart, John Fogerty/CCR, Fleetwood Mac, U2, Santana, REO Speedwagon, Peter Frampton, Alice Cooper, Robbie Kreiger, Chicago, Jackson Browne, Pat Benetar, Foreigner, Tom Petty, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Deep Purple and Bruce Springsteen all strike me as still viable live acts that have no intention of any type of farewell tour anytime soon.

What do you guys think?