All you musicians out there – we’ve all had the nightmare gigs that help shape your healthy cynicism going forward as a musician but I was recently asked what my ABSOLUTE WORST gig was & that was an easy answer.

Back as an impressionable lad in college in 1991 I had the displeasure of taking a gig with my band at a storied, yet sh!tty venue in East Phoenix that, without saying the actual name of the dump, featured a, well, colorful owner with a penchant for unorthodox footwear & accessories and heaving out “.75 Kamikazes!”  Perhaps that’ll ring a bell for some of you.


We played 3 sets on a Thursday night & probably had about 20-25 people hang for most of the show – at least the first two sets.  End of the night he gripes about a lousy turnout and pays the band……………………wait for it……………………………….NINE DOLLARS.


9 dollars, 5 guys in the band.  That worked out to 60 cents per set for each of us.  After carefully weighing the legal ramifications of firebombing the joint, we opted to get a gallon of gas & head home.

EVERYBODY pays dues.