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Randi’s Rock Report: We Celebrate the Legacy of John Bonham With Jason Discussing His Performance of “Rock n Roll”

Led Zeppelin and the music world were dealt a devastating blow 40 years ago Friday — September 25th, 1980 — when drummer John Bonham died at the age of 32. He left behind his wife Pat and their two children, Jason and Zoe. Jason went on to play in his dad’s place four times — Atlantic Records’ 40th anniversary concert ... Read More »

Randi’s Rock Report: We Celebrate David Coverdale’s Birthday As He Discusses “Hear I Go Again”!

Sometimes it takes awhile for a song to catch on. Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again” is one of those, says the band’s frontman, David Coverdale. Whitesnake singer David Coverdale on writing “Here I Go Again.” “‘Here I Go Again’ was a document that I wrote in Portugal, much earlier than you guys heard the song. It was, I think, 12 ... Read More »

Randi’s Rock Report: OZZY Shares Why He Won’t Be First in Line for COVID Vaccine…

Ozzy Osbourne has bitten the heads off of doves and bats, ingested just about every hard drug there is, drank himself into oblivion, but when it comes to getting vaccinated against COVID-19, he tells us he’s not running out the door to get it. Ozzy Osbourne on why he won’t be the first in line to get a COVID-19 vaccination. ... Read More »

Randi’s Rock Report: Queen’s Brian May – Discusses Working Through Pandemic…

Brian May tells us he’s finally making strides in his recovery from a heart attack in May, which required three stents being put in, not to mention a torn muscle in his backside that compressed his sciatic nerve. Brian May on setbacks following his heart attack in May of 2020. “I had a lot of complications and I’ve been out ... Read More »

Randi’s Rock Report: New Ozzy Osbourne! Hear Ozzy Discuss “Crazy Train” & Watch His New Video…

Sunday will mark the 40th anniversary of the England release of Ozzy Osbourne‘s first album, Blizzard of Ozz — and to celebrate he’ll be dropping a digital edition today! Blizzard of Ozz wasn’t released in America until six months later, on March 27th, 1981, but the project has hits that charted everywhere, “Crazy Train” and “Mr. Crowley.” It’s also known to have been certified five-times ... Read More »