1974 Debut.


 RUSH: The First Time Is the Most Memorable  




Rush’s Geddy Lee says recording the band’s debut album is the one studio session he recalls vividly.

The trio’s 1974 self-titled album was reissued this week in a deluxe box set, and Lee says that while other times in the studio have blended into one another, he has “very clear memories of that one.” He says entering a professional studio when they were still a bar band was “awe-inspiring.” He adds that they still have fun playing “Working Man” from the album because the song’s middle section allows them to jam. Lee explains, “We don’t have a lot of improvisational moments in our show, so that is kind of a real relief and release for us.”

Lee adds that the band wanted to do a cool box set with this reissue because “one area I feel we’ve not done enough in [over our career] is the box set area.”

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