•    U.S. warplanes bombed Hanoi for the first time.
•    In the People’s Republic of China, Mao Zedong begins the Cultural Revolution to purge and reorganize China’s Communist Party.
•    Lyndon Johnson signs the 1966 Uniform Time Act. (daylight saving time.)
•    We heard of groups called the Black Panthers & the National Organization of Women for the first time.
•    The first SR-71 Blackbird spy plane goes into service
•    The Merry Prankster’s conducted Acid Tests at the Fillmore in San Francisco.

•    T.V.: Star Trek was new but Ozzie & Harriet & the Dick Van Dyke show are seen for the last time.
•    MOVIES: “The Sand Pebbles”, “Grand Prix” & “Fantastic Voyage”
•    The NFL & AFL finally merged to create one football league
•    John Lennon pontificated that the Beatles were “More popular than Jesus” which set off a rash of protests & record burnings here in the U.S 
•    The legendary album Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys is released. 
•    Bob Dylan’s seminal album, Blonde on Blonde is released in the U.S. 

•    Miranda v. Arizona, the Supreme Court ruled that detained criminal suspects, prior to police questioning, must be informed of their constitutional right to an attorney and against self-incrimination.

•    Walt Disney

•    Perhaps the first band to be described as punk rock.
•    “?’s” birth name is Rudy Martinez. He claimed (and still claims) to be a Martian who lived with dinosaurs in a past life, and he never appears in public without sunglasses.
•    In 2006 “? And The Mysterians” were inducted into the Michigan Rock and Roll Legends Hall of Fame. 
•    The band’s biggest hit, “96 Tears”, was voted a Legendary Michigan Song the following year.
•    This is “? And the Mysterians” with “96 Tears” your #1 @ 1 from October 1966.

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