We blew it.

If you’ve been listening this week, we made it *very* clear, that we thought the idea of an “April Fools” prank, was way too obvious. All the while, planning (what *we* thought) was a cleverly planned, intricate joke, that everyone would find hilarious.

What we *didn’t* consider, was the fact that, in our zeal to be the “funny-wacky-zany-morning guys,” the impact our words, and deeds have on people whose safety might be impacted by our lack of consideration.

We never thought it would backfire like it has.

For those offended, we cannot express our apologies strongly enough. We hear you. It *was* a bad idea. We didn’t think it through, and hope (in time) you’ll be able to look past this stupid joke, and hang with the show. Although, we *do* understand your anger. It’s completely justified. Hindsight, is always 20/20.

Honestly, we’re not sure what’s going to happen moving forward. We’re under contract. But, you’ve probably heard us discuss something called “moral turpitude.” This, certainly falls under that consideration.

We’ll update you on how this is being handled, when we’re allowed to discuss the situation more. We appreciate all the e-mails, texts, and words of support. With any luck, this will blow over, and we’ll be here on Monday.

Again, we apologize for any offense & are thankful this didn’t go to a place where people were permanently affected. We should’ve known better.

Given the chance, we promise we’ll do better.


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