Get AAA Tipsy Tow and other options New Year’s Eve 2014: Don’t drive drunk tonight

Get AAA Tipsy Tow and other options New Year’s Eve 2014: Don’t drive drunk tonight


AAA Arizona has been a champion for the safety and security of the motoring public since the club’s inception. As such, the auto club recognizes and has taken action to reduce a dangerous problem that threatens everyone on the road today: driving under the influence. According to the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division there were nearly 40,000 alcohol related crashes and nearly 1,800 fatalities between 2004 and 2009.

In addition, Arizona Department of Public Safety reported that there were nearly 230,000 DUI arrests within those five years. To combat this issue and reduce the number of alcohol related crashes and fatalities on Arizona roads, AAA Arizona launched its Tipsy Tow service in May 2009, and has been offering the complimentary service during holidays and special events ever since.

AAA Arizona urges all motorists to always include a safe ride home in their celebratory plans. If these plans fall through, Tipsy Tow will be available as a last resort during specific service periods.

Upcoming Tipsy Tow Service Periods:

New Year’s Eve

6 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 31 through 6 a.m. Thursday, Jan. 1

What is Tipsy Tow?

  • Tipsy Tow is a free one-way ride tow home, up to 10 miles, for drivers, and one of their passengers, who have been drinking.

Who can participate?

  • Tipsy Tow is a public service that serves everyone – not just members!
  • Anyone can call for a “tipsy tow” – drivers, passengers, bartenders, party-hosts, or even restaurant managers.

When is Tipsy Tow offered?

  • Tipsy Tow is offered when Arizona experiences the highest volume of DUI arrest and alcohol-related crashes – during holidays and special events, such as Memorial Day, Fourth of July and even Super Bowl Sunday.
  • The service is typically offered from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. on the service day.

Where is Tipsy Tow available?

  • Tipsy Tow is available throughout the state of Arizona.

How can I take advantage of the Tipsy Tow service?

  • To get a “tipsy tow” for yourself or someone you know who has too much to drink, call 1-800-AAA-HELP (1-800-222-4357) on a service day and state you need a “tipsy tow.”
  • Provide the driver’s name, home address, phone number and vehicle/driver location.

How much does a Tipsy Tow cost?

  • Tipsy Tow is free, up to 10 miles. For trips longer than 10 miles, motorists can expect to be charged the towing company’s standard rate.

What else do I need to know about Tipsy Tow?

  • Tipsy Tow is available as capacity dictates. Be aware that higher call volumes could result in longer wait times.
  • Tipsy Tow service will not be provided to motorists requesting a tow to another drinking establishment or to a destination other than their home. A tow to a hotel may be allowed if the motorists is, or plans to become, a guest.
  • The service does not offer light service duties, such as vehicle starts, flat tire change, battery replacement, gas delivery and/or taxi service

 Other options:

Cab companies anticipate a busy New Years’ weekend as those who’ve done too much celebrating get rides home.

Yellow Cab expects to see more than 6,000 people call and reserve a ride home. In the past, local cab companies provided free rides home to partiers who had too much to drink. But people abused the program and those days are gone. However, Yellow Cab has something different to offer.

Lyle Wamsley with Yellow Cab says, “People call and pay for the ride home then the next day we’ll give you a free ride home to get your car.”


The City of Phoenix has partnered with Coors Light to provide free rides on bus, light rail and Dial-a-Ride beginning at 7 p.m. on New Year’s Eve.

Discount Cab Free Ride Back Program
Hours: 24/7
Details: Gives drivers a free ride back to their car the next day – Drivers pay for cab ride home.
Reservations for pick up required.

Be My DD
Phone: 1-877-823-6933
Hours: 24/7
Details: A driver takes you home in your own vehicle