Last October, a U.S. District Judge rejected a motion by the lawyers for Cheap Trick to dismiss a lawsuit against them by founding member and former drummer Bun E. Carlos, whose real name is Brad Carlson.

Bun E. filed the suit in 2013 claiming he was owed close to $600,000 from touring and merchandise based on an agreement he signed with the band in 2010 that, while no longer a touring member of the band, he would remain a fully-vested member with equal shares in the band’s income and business decisions. Bun E. was replaced by Daxx Nielsen, son of guitarist Rick Nielsen.

According to singer Robin Zander, the two parties have reached an agreement. In an interview with That Metal Show and national radio host Eddie Trunk, Zander says, “We’ve settled our differences. Bun E.’s a member of the band, but he’s not touring and he’s not recording… We’ve had our differences, but we’re all settled up now and hopefully we can forget about that era. These decisions that Cheap Trick makes, Bun E. is part of.”

Cheap Trick is working on a new album and will be back on the road in March.