Last month, the possibility of a Kinks reunion in 2015 looked remote. Ray Davies said he wouldn’t reunite with his brother Dave as The Kinks unless original drummer Mick Avory was involved — which Dave was opposed to. But in a new interview, Dave appears to be open to that arrangement after all.

In an interview Sunday with a Boston public radio station, Dave Davies says that “some problems” with The Kinks’ Sunny Afternoon stage musical, which is currently running in London, had caused a chill between him and Ray, but that they’ve “ironed those problems out,” and he believes they’re “in a better place to talk together” now. After his current solo tour of the U.S. is over, he hopes to sit down with Ray in December “and come up with something.” Dave says it would be “a shame” if they were unable to do so.

Asked point blank if Avory’s presence is the stumbling block, Dave replied, “It’s not an on-the-surface problem; it’s really business things.” He thinks they “can move forward” if they’re able to sort out issues on both the business and creative sides.