Alice Cooper is A STAND-UP guy!!!

Alice Cooper is A STAND-UP guy!!!

I’ve re-posted this to pay homage to Dick Wagner”The Maestro of Rock,” who past away July 30 at the young age of 71.   I had the honour of meeting Dick when he came to the radio station to be a guest on the Lunchtime Theme Park with Jim Owen.  He was very entertaining with his many stories and escapades of a Rock N’ Roll guitarist!  This blog post  actually introduced Dick Wagner into my life, as I read about his book, found it entertaining and wrote this post.  His “people” saw it and called me to set up an interview and the rest is history…I hope you take some time to read the excerpt Dick wrote about our Late Night Guy Alice Cooper and maybe you’ll want to read more. 

Alice Cooper might be a hard-partying, world-famous rock star, but that doesn’t mean he can’t exhibit self control from time to time. The Detroit native was even able to turn down the advances of screen siren Raquel Welch.

Guitarist Dick Wagner, best known for his work with Cooper, Lou Reed and KISS, was with Cooper when he rejected Welch in Miami some 37 years ago. He recounts the encounter in his memoir, “Not Only Women Bleed: Vignettes from the Heart of a Rock Musician.”

The year was 1976. Wagner and Cooper were in Miami for the Super Bowl while Welch was performing at the Fontainebleau. “We were invited up to her suite,” writes Wagner, according to an excerpt obtained by the New York Post. “I sensed something was going on… at least in Raquel’s mind.” Wagner told Cooper, “You gotta do it at least one time for all us horny bastards in the world.” Alas, “Alice had a propensity towards being faithful to his girlfriend,” his now-wife, Sheryl Goddard.

The next day, the three went to play a round of golf and Welch continued flirting with Cooper, asking, “Can I be your caddy? Please?” But instead of taking her up on her offer, he just made a beeline to the clubhouse.

Cooper spoke about rejecting Welch, who is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful Hollywood legends, back in 2007. He told the Telegraph that he ditched Welch to go out with Goddard, a ballerina and dancer in the Alice Cooper show.

He and Goddard married in 1976 and have been together ever since, despite a brief separation in the ’80s.

As for the “One Million Years B.C.” beauty, who was married twice prior to meeting Cooper, she went on to marry and divorce both André Weinfeld and Richard Palmer.

“Not Only Women Bleed” was released last year. Cooper penned the foreword of the book.


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