Allman Addiction.


 GREGG ALLMAN: Like Father, Like Son




The apple didn’t fall far from the tree for Elijah Blue Allman, the son of Gregg Allman and Cher. Like his father, he struggled with addiction.

He says, “I started with drugs around the same time that we all did, around 11. I mean it’s just what you did, it’s just what everybody did.” But he then turned to harder drugs. “I [was] just looking to escape all the things in my past and, that’s when you turn to those kind of drugs, you know heroin and opiates… [Heroin] kind of saved me…If I didn’t have that at that point, I don’t know what I would have done…You may jump off a bridge. If you can only just go through that time period and live through it and then get help… I knew it was wrong and I knew that I was very unsatisfied with life at that point.”

The 37-year old Elijah, who is Gregg’s third child, has been sober since 2008. This year marks his father’s 20th year of sobriety.

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