Joe Walsh made an appearance on NBC’s Today show Friday and poured a bucket of ice water on his friend, Jim Dolan, the executive chairman of Cablevision, to complete the ALS Challenge.

Dolan, who moonlights as a singer and guitarist, then issued a different sort of challenge to fans attending the Eagles‘ show Thursday at New York’s Madison Square Garden, which Cablevision owns. His group, JD & The Straight Shot, will open for the Eagles that night.

Dolan is asking 6,000 attendees to play the kazoo, which they will receive upon entering the Garden, during his band’s performance of “Governor’s Blues,” which features a kazoo solo. If all 6,000 take part, it will set the record for the largest kazoo-playing gathering and Dolan will donate $100,000 to ALS.

Walsh produced Dolan’s album, Where I’ve Been.