This is one of those weeks that everyone looks forward to. We ignore everything…waiting for the weekend to begin. Productivity tends to be off. And people spend a good amount of time online, trying to figure out what things need to be buttoned up for the long weekend. So…I figure, it’s a good time to provide you with some stuff to distract you, from the distractions you’re already engaged in.


Sorta defeats the purpose of coffee though…doesn’t it?

Natural selection

Of course it does.

Great news!

Awwwww? or Ewwwww(e)?

It’s going to be OK, buddy.

You see what happens, Larry? You see what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps?!

That’s love, right there.

Pretty clever

WAIT! This, is thing?

Shocked he didn’t fumble the phone while trying to post this.

The missing element here, is the smell of a lightning strike.

Probably for the best.

Great…another comeback.


The fact that he’s a complete douche, had *nothing* to do with it.


Boy…am I glad I was thrown out of college. Twice.

Perhaps…if it made me play like Harrison.

Not funny. Wrong venue. Wrong audience. Did I mention not funny?

By the way, this…is not news.

However, this…is the curse of living in a land-locked state.

…and so it begins.

*I* was once attacked by a Pelican. True story. Water birds, are a**holes!

Here we see the New Zealand model…engaged in the ultra-rare “binge” phase.

…and finally,

Happy Birthday Tina Fey!


Enjoy your week! Thanks for listening!