The history of Creedence Clearwater Revival would not be complete without another lawsuit. This time, instead of John Fogerty suing former bandmates Doug Clifford and Stu Cook, they’re filing suit against him.

It all stems back to a lawsuit Fogerty filed against them in 1996 when they started touring as Creedence Clearwater Revisited. That case went back and forth until 2001 when both sides reached an agreement with Fogerty receiving a payment for use of the name.

However, Fogerty recently criticized them for touring under that name and lawyers for Clifford and Cook have asked that he stop, based on the 2001 agreement, as well as the fact that he is also violating the band’s trademarks. Ads for his recent tour state that he “performs the albums of Creedence Clearwater Revival.” Clifford and Cook feel this will cause confusion amongst ticket buyers, and with Fogerty reportedly threatening to file a new suit over the alleged violation of the previous settlement, they decided to sue first.