DAVID BOWIE: Space Apology




The Ottawa Citizen has apologized to David Bowie after a commentary they published last month suggested he was responsible for the removal from YouTube of astronaut Chris Hadfield’s video version of “Space Oddity,” which was viewed over 22 million times.

The truth is Bowie does not control the publishing to that song and made that clear when he gave his support to the video. While Bowie suggested to the song’s publisher that the rights to the song be extended, that was not to be. The paper erroneously reported that Bowie had granted the original license, but failed to renew the license after one year and that was the reason the video was pulled. The paper issued an apology saying, “We regret the error and we sincerely apologize to Mr. Bowie as well as all his fans around the world.”

Meanwhile, Bowie’s buddy, Iggy Pop, was also the recipient of an apology. It came from Amnesty International who used Iggy’s image in a Belgian anti-torture ad campaign without his permission and put words in his mouth. In French, he was quoted as saying, “The future of rock and roll is Justin Bieber.” Its message was, “Torture a man, and he will tell you anything.”

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