The DJ who coined the term rock and roll will finally have a final resting place. You might recall the story this summer of how the urn containing Alan Freed‘s ashes was removed from the display honoring him at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland. Now, according to the city’s Plain Dealer, Freed’s son, music publisher Lance Freed, has arranged for a grave at the local Lake View Cemetery.

Instead of a traditional gravestone, the younger Freed envisions “rough granite stone that will have a microphone in the granite and plaque nearby regarding my dad, and [the years of his birth and death].” The memorial will likely be engraved with Alan’s radio show sign-off, ‘This is not goodbye, it’s just good night.'”

Freed hopes the monument can be completed in time for Cleveland’s annual tribute concert to Freed and the musical revolution he launched there, the Moondog Coronation Ball. It’s held every year in late March or April.

Money for the memorial is being raised through the Cleveland Foundation. Ironically, the Rock Hall, which “evicted” Freed’s urn, has made a donation to the project.

Next January 20th will mark the 50th anniversary of Alan Freed’s death at the age of 43.