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The Passing of David Bowie

The rock world has lost a musical icon and legend. The sudden loss of David Bowie comes as a shock and as we learn that he had been battling cancer for the last year and half. For more details and the reactions by other famous musicians that new him, click here. Read More »

Why I Sing The Blues

We all feel the blues today and the world says farewell to musical icon, B.B. King. Nicknamed, “King of the Blues”, Riley B. King passed peacefully late last night in Las Vegas while in hospice care. He was 89 years old. It was no secret that the blues guitar genius battled Type II Diabetes for decades and had been in ... Read More »

Rush brings the heat

The Rush “R40 Live Tour” is officially rolling! Check out the video that was released to memorialize the first show in Tulsa:   Read More »

American Idol FINALLY gets the axe!

It’s been long over due and FOX finally says farewell to the music “reality” show: Read More »

Alice Cooper considering re-recording early 80’s material

Alice Cooper could be going back to the ’80s. The early ’80s, to be exact — a period that found Cooper in the midst of a commercial and personal low point while releasing the albums Flush the Fashion, Special Forces, Zipper Catches Skin and DaDa between 1980-83. While plenty of veteran artists tend to ignore their less celebrated work, Cooper seems ... Read More »

The Loudest Band in the World Is Officially …

The loudness war has been fought and Metallica has emerged as the winner. Their 2008 album Death Magnetic has been judged to be the loudest album. But according to some experts, it’s nothing to be proud of. Production Advice, a blog written by mastering engineer Ian Shepherd, has put together a graphic comparing the dynamic ranges (DR) of 21 very ... Read More »

Elton John’s Heart-Shaped Glasses have been STOLEN

A pair of Elton John‘s famous heart-shaped glasses were stolen from a museum yesterday. According to TMZ, the shades were taken from the Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum in Memphis, even though the case that contained them was locked. As of now, nobody knows how the thief managed to break into the display and walk away with the glasses. “Museum honchos say ... Read More »

KISS meets Scooby-Doo?

Throughout the years Scooby and the gang has meet an incredible number of famous people including The Harlem Globetrotters, The Three Stooges, and many many more. So it should come as no surprise that eventually they would meet the iconic band KISS. Don’t believe us? Check out the truth below! Photo courtesy of spadge6868 Read More »

Alice Cooper Talks Hollywood Vampires Covers Album

Alice Cooper‘s next album — a mostly covers tribute to the Hollywood Vampires crowd that he ran with during the early 70s — is done. The shock rocker tells us that, “I have it. It’s mixed, ready to go, and I’m very happy with it, very, very happy with it…I’m really happy with all the stuff and, y’know, McCartney’s on ... Read More »