Paul McCartney could be interested in buying back the publishing rights to The Beatles catalog — and may soon get the opportunity. In yet another story to emerge from the hacking of Sony’s computer network, the London tabloid The Sun says leaked messages indicate that the entertainment giant is considering selling off their music publishing division.

McCartney had been eager to buy back the publishing rights to the 250 Beatles songs in the Sony/ATV catalog that Michael Jackson purchased in 1985 for roughly $80-million. Jacko sold half of it to Sony a decade later.

The sale rumors shouldn’t come as a surprise considering Sony’s numerous problems — beyond the hacking of its U.S. network. Once the world leader in cutting edge electronics, Sony has been dumping assets lately — selling off its cell phone and computer-manufacturing, while its one-time supremacy in TVs has been surpassed by Korean rival Samsung.

We’ve reached out to McCartney’s office for a comment, but haven’t heard back yet.