Bad Review.


 MEAT LOAF: Is Pissed




Meat Loaf recently read a review of his Vegas show in which the writer suggested Meat just “walked through” his show. This set him off, and despite those closest to him, including his wife, telling him to just let it go, Meat said he couldn’t and posted the following on his Facebook page:

“You can say you don’t like my show, write that I don’t sing like I did when I was 25 years old because you have only heard Bat Out of Hell or Bat 2 … Didn’t care or didn’t know about [some of my other albums]… but to write that I walked out on a theater stage, a movie set, OUR show in Vegas, or any concert stage, OR ANY RECORDING STUDIO IN the last 48 years and SAY I walked through it, YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR MIND! … I KNOW ONE THING, I GIVE AN AUDIENCE, MY CREW, ANY ACTOR OR ANY FILM CREW IN ANY FILM I HAVE EVER BEEN IN EVERYTHING I HAVE TO GIVE EVERY TIME! … So much that I am willing to die on that stage! I am only suppose to be on that stage in Vegas for an hour and a half, I go over 1 hour and 50 mins every night! The show that follows I’m sure is not happy with me!

“I DARE THESE PEOPLE WHO WROTE THAT TO SAY THAT TO MY FACE! I wouldn’t yell at them at all, I just want to know what they were watching! I would ask how I could have given them more! It would have been Impossible to have done so. One more thing I have also read I was breathing heavy. It is for dramatic effect. I am a drama queen. If those people would have paid enough attention, I recover in an instant… I am completely stunned and dismayed by what was written in that statement! Hurting!”

Meat’s next show at the Planet Hollywood Hotel in Vegas is Tuesday night.

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