Want to own the Mercedes Benz George Harrison drove for 16 years? Or a drum case used by Ringo Starr while traveling? They’re up for sale from Rock Star Guitars — that’s right, sale not auction.

George Harrison’s other love besides music was cars. While he owned many over the years, his personal favorite was apparently a black 1984 Mercedes Benz 500 SEL with the AMG package. Keep in mind, it’s British purchased and registered vehicle — or maybe having the steering wheel on the right side adds to its appeal. Harrison owned this luxury sedan for 16 years, reportedly longer than any of his other cars, even his Ferrari Dino sportster. He sold the Benz in 2000, a year before he died.

Examiner.com says the drum case — with Starr’s name stenciled across the front — carries a letter of authenticity from Ringo’s former drum tech Rich Faucher, who received it as a gift from the Beatle drummer.