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 BEATLES: February ’64 Flight to New York is Britain’s Greatest Departure




The Beatles February 7th, 1964 flight from London to New York has been named the most iconic departure from the U.K. over the last century. In a poll conducted across Britain last month, the scene at Heathrow Airport where 3,000 fans waved goodbye as the Fab Four set out to conquer America was named by 49 percent of those participating.

Ranking second was Bob Geldof’s 1985 departure to Ethiopia, where he observed the dire conditions that inspired the Live Aid charity mega-concert.

Also scoring high:
•David Attenborough who began the journey to film his Life wildlife documentary series in 1979.
•Princess Diana, leaving for Luanda in 1997, where she called for an international ban on landmines.

According to, the poll’s purpose was to highlight the significance of Heathrow remaining among the world’s leading airports.

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