Birthday Boy.


 BONO: Celebrates Birthday With a Little Help From His Friends




Bono celebrated his 54th birthday on May 10th, and instead of a quiet party at home in Dublin, Ireland, he chose to celebrate 5100 miles away in Los Angeles.

The party was held at the home of Guy Oseary, the new manager of U2, and among those on hand to help blow out the candles were Pharrell Williams, Jared Leto and Herbie Hancock. After performing “Happy” with Hancock, Pharrell told Bono, “You’ve changed the world with everything you do. You give people hope, especially with your song ‘Sunday, Bloody Sunday.'” Bono responded with, “Well, if we just keep singing ‘Happy,’ we won’t need songs like ‘Sunday, Bloody Sunday’!”

The party also featured David Blaine attempting, but failing, to hold his breath for 10 minutes and five seconds underwater because he said it was “the 10th day of the fifth month.” There was also a shaving cream performer who “transforms his body with shaving cream into characters.” He was a present from Charlize Theron and her boyfriend, Sean Penn.

Also celebrating a birthday that day and at the same party was Bono’s daughter Jordan, who turned 25.

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