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 MOODY BLUES: A Safe & Successful Second Cruise  




The Moody Blues brought their second annual cruise into Miami harbor on Monday morning after being out since last Wednesday.

Celebrating the 1970 Isle of Wight festival, this year’s cruise featured Isle of Wight veterans Roger Daltrey, who performed at that show with The Who; Carl Palmer who was there with ELP; Lighthouse, Shawn Phillips and of course the Moodies. Also on board were The Zombies, Little River Band, Orchestra, featuring former members of ELO; Starship and many others.

In addition to the performances, many of the artists participated in question-and-answer sessions as well as Storyteller concerts. The Moodies did an on-deck Q&A session last Friday afternoon and bassist John Lodge said he is a “gypsy” at heart and loves to travel and visit “exotic places, and here we are, the Caribbean.” On Friday and Saturday nights, the Moodies did Storyteller shows (hosted by Classic Daily producer Sal Cirrincione) and, in celebration of the Isle of Wight, broke out acoustic versions of “Ride My See Saw,” “Melancholy Man” and “Tortoise and the Hare,” all of which were done at that legendary show.

Roger Daltrey also did a Q&A on the deck Friday, but after standing for the first half of it, finally had to take a seat at the foot of the stage to counterbalance the gentle swaying of the ship. On Saturday and Sunday, he did what he does best, performing two shows with his solo band, featuring Pete Townshend’s younger brother, Simon, on guitar. Daltrey played acoustic guitar on a good number of the songs, which were a mix of Who classics, a few solo numbers and covers, including a Johnny Cash medley. He also welcomed a special guest, violin player Mik Kaminski of ELO, after realizing his harmonica had gotten lost in transit. So Mik did the violin break on “Baba O’Riley,” something that has rarely been done since the song was recorded, since Daltrey usually covers that part on his harmonica.

The Moodies will be back on the road in May followed by August and September. No word yet if there will be a third cruise next year.

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