Boston Fan Shares His Tattoo

By Thomas Cowley

Fans are willing to go through a lot for the bands they love. They will wait years and years for a new album, or even just a single. They will repeatedly travel miles for a show, they will buy apparel, merchandise, and even multiple copies of their favorite record. And when a band is as big as Boston, you have to imagine that some people will take it even further.

One such fan is Jerry W. who has gone through 2, 8-track tapes, 3 cassettes, a vinyl record, AND 2 cd’s of the bands debut album. Let me make that clear; this is not a collection, this is the number of times this man has had to purchase the album because he has worn the format to the bone. How many hours does that have to be? Thanks to the digital age, Jerry will no longer have to replace his favorite songs anymore, which he is certainly thankful for.

And to commemorate his fandom, Jerry W. got this sweet tattoo last summer. You know someone is serious when they get a tattoo. I mean, you are not supposed to do that even with relationships! Thanks for sharing Jerry!

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