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Bringin' on the Vault: Def Leppard launches online museum featuring historic photos, videos & more

Courtesy of Def Leppard

Def Leppard has launched a virtual museum called The Def Leppard Vault that will serve as an online location where fans can find exclusive and rare photos, videos, artifacts, interviews, audio commentary, merchandise and more.

With the input from the band’s members, the website,, will be regularly updated with new content celebrating the U.K. rockers’ past, present and future.

According to a statement, the band members decided to put together the online vault while in lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic, which gave them the chance to rummage through their closets, basements, attics, garages, storage units and more. The memorabilia and items uncovered are being put on virtual display, helping to tell the story of Def Leppard’s 44-year career.

Regarding The Def Leppard Vault, frontman Joe Elliott says, “After months of digging through our personal rock and roll closets (and warehouses, no less!), we present you our history! Our historic vault will continually be updated with installments you may have seen with some gems I promise you’ve never heard or seen! It’s a true backstage pass for any Def Leppard or rock and roll fan! Please…step inside and walk this way!”

The Def Leppard Vault features video and audio segments of the band members sharing anecdotes about select significant moments and items, as well as separate themed sections. The “On the Road” section focuses on photos, instruments, backstage passes, and tour itineraries. “Jacket Required” offers pics of clothing items the band mates have worn onstage. “All I’ve Got Is a Photograph” features promotional pics and other historic images. There’s also a track-by-track look at 1995’s Vault album celebrating the compilation’s 25th anniversary.

In addition, limited-edition reproductions of Def Leppard memorabilia and other exclusive items are available for purchase at the site.

By Matt Friedlander
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