You won’t see the current Little River Band Monday night with Jimmy Fallon. Australia’s quotes the Tonight Show publicist who says Darius Rucker will appear instead.

Co-founders Glenn Shorrock and Beeb Birtles had lashed out in recent days on plans for the present-day lineup — none of whom played on the band’s ’70s classics such as “Reminiscing” and “Cool Change” — to perform on the show in celebration of LRB’s 40th anniversary.

After being tipped to the booking, Shorrock and Birtles told their music publisher to deny permission for the current lineup to do the songs — all written by the band’s original lineup — on TV, which is their legal right.

The move won’t stop the current LRB — who license the name from 1980s member Steven Housden — from performing the classics in concert. But you won’t see them doing it on TV.