Bruce Springsteen is talking books in this Sunday’s New York Times as his children’s picture book, Outlaw Pete, hits stores next Tuesday. Here are some highlights:

NYT: “What books are currently on your night stand?”

BS: “I just finished Moby-Dick, which scared me off for a long time due to the hype of its difficulty. I found it to be a beautiful boy’s adventure story and not that difficult to read. Warning: You will learn more about whales than you have ever wished to know. On the other hand, I never wanted it to end. Also, Love in the Time of Cholera, by Gabriel García Márquez. It simply touched on so many aspects of human love… I read a lot on cosmology and a reasonable amount of philosophy. I also like to read about baseball, having just finished Mariano Rivera’s autobiography.”

NYT: “Who are your favorite musician-writers? Your favorite memoir by a musician?”

BS: “I’m not familiar with the musician/novelist, but as far as memoirs, it’s hard to beat Keith Richards’s love of music that shines through in Life. I also found Eric Clapton’s autobiography to be surprisingly revealing and very moving. Of course I loved Bob Dylan’s Chronicles. It made me proud to be a musician.”

NYT: “What are the best books about music you’ve read?”

BS: At the top of my list remains Greil Marcus’s Mystery Train, followed closely by Peter Guralnick’s Last Train to Memphis. I’d include Dylan’s Chronicles and a recent book by Daniel Lanois, Soul Mining, that gives insights into the making of music I found unique from any other book out there.”

In other Bruce news, publicity photos and a video of Springsteen as a mortician on the upcoming season of Steve Van Zandt‘s Norwegian and Netflix show Lilyhammer have been released. The new season premieres on November 21st.