Cause for Paws

Can you imagine walking around barefoot on HOT asphalt
in the middle of an Arizona Summer?!
You may not realize it, but your dog’s padding is very similar to your feet.
In the summer, asphalt temperature can reach upwards of 170 degree’s!
If it’s hot enough to fry an egg, it’s too hot for your pet’s paws.

To help raise awareness, Fulton Homes has partnered with 100.7 KSLX
to sponsor the “Fulton Homes Cause for Paws” program!

The next time you take your dog for a walk use the barefoot test.
If you would not go barefoot on it, don’t make your dog do it.
Instead walk your dog in the early morning in grassy areas or consider
buying your dog some boots to keep their feet comfortable.

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**Social Distancing Rules Apply. Please see below graphic.**

Very high temperatures can be dangerous for dogs. These Do’s and Dont’s will help keep your pet safe:

  • DON’T ever leave your pet in a parked car or truck, not even “just for a minute” and not even with the windows down. The temperature inside a parked vehicle can reach a deadly 160 degrees in the summer.
  • DO keep your dog well-groomed so they’re not carrying around excess fur.
  • DO consider a cooling bed or pad for your dog.
  • DON’T forget sunscreen. Dogs can get sunburn too, so apply a little dog-safe SPF on their noses, ears and other areas where their coat doesn’t cover the skin.
  • DO hydrate your hound. Keep your dog’s water bowl full and away from the sun. Always bring water and a portable bowl along if you take your dog on outings.
  • DON’T walk your dog on hot pavement. It can burn their paws.
  • DO stick to grassy and shaded areas during walks.
  • DO consider investing in a cooling vest, bandanna or collar for the outdoors.
  • DO put your dog in a life jacket if you’re headed to a lake or body of water.