Cause For Paws


Can you imagine walking around barefoot on hot asphalt in the middle of summer? You may not realize it, but your dog’s padding is very similar to your feet. In the summer asphalt temperature can reach upwards of 170 degree’s! If it’s hot enough to fry an egg, it’s to hot for your pet’s paws.

To help raise awareness, Fulton Homes has partnered with 100.7 KSLX  and Mark & NeanderPaul to sponsor the Fulton Homes Cause for Paws program.


The next time you take your dog for a walk us the barefoot test. IF you would not go barefoot on it, don’t make your dog do it. Instead walk your dog in the early morning in grassy areas or consider buying your dog some boots to keep there feet comfortable

Learn more and get a pair of booties at the following events:

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