If you’re looking for an explanation for why U2 decided to release Songs of Innocence free via Apple’s iTunes, Bono has one — “the charts are broken.”

He tells the British magazine Q that charts no longer “measure what people are listening to and [don’t] measure people’s passion in music.” Instead, Bono says they “measure decent people’s desire to pay for music and they should be respected for that.” But he believes that’s currently just a “tiny fraction of the people who listen to music.”

Bono claims U2 felt they “had to come up with something different,” because they’d “spent so much time to get [the songs] right” and wanted people to hear them. The album gets its traditional release on October 14th for the decent people who want to pay for it.

Next Sunday, the band will be in Italy to appear on the talk show Che Tempo Che Fa, where they’ll perform live on Italian TV for the first time ever.