Charity Walk.


 U2: Clayton’s Walking for Charity  




This coming Friday in Dublin, U2 bassist Adam Clayton will be one of the celebrities taking part in the Walk in My Shoes campaign.

The charity was inspired by a 16-year-old in Dublin with mental issues who wished his friends could “walk in his shoes” to understand what he was going through. Walk in My Shoes raises funds to provide mental health support, information and services to vulnerable young adults in Ireland. The idea is to wear attention-grabbing shoes as a way of raising awareness and money.

Clayton, despite his success and fame, also battled depression. He says, “We need support growing up, but especially if you’re vulnerable and you need someone to talk to. It’s okay to ask for help, and Walk in My Shoes is working hard to remove the stigma around mental health difficulties. I hope everyone will join in on May 9th for Walk in My Shoes day and step out in stylish or mismatched shoes — let’s make a real difference.”

Clayton is a patron for the charity.

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