Claim Denied.


 LED ZEPPELIN: Page Denies “Stairway” Claim  




Jimmy Page denies he stole a riff from the Spirit song “Taurus” for Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven. He says, “That’s ridiculous. I have no further comment on the subject.”

Spirit bassist Mark Andes is looking into legal action against Zeppelin, saying that Page could very well have been exposed to the instrumental “Taurus” and the riff when Zeppelin opened for Spirit at their first American shows in December 1968. But he wasn’t always upset over it. In an interview we did with Andes in 1991, he said it was very “obvious” that it was the same riff, but then added, “It’s just one of those things. People always borrow from each other.”

Coincidentally, at shows in early 1969, Zeppelin included an element of the Spirit song “Fresh Garbage” (the title track of the album containing “Taurus”) in their version of the old R&B song “As Long as I Have You.”

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