The ‘Fortunate Son’ comes to the State Fair!


Before John Fogerty wrote a song for everyone — and the man has written many of popular music’s most timeless standards like ‘Proud Mary,’ ‘Fortunate Son,’ ‘Born On The Bayou’ and ‘Who’ll Stop The Rain’ to name just a few — he first wrote songs for himself.

“Every now and then, I did try and write a song for everyone, but it would all start because I would feel something deeply and personally that would mean a lot to me,” Fogerty explains today. “Something in the world would strike me as being bad or tragic or unfair like in `Fortunate Son’ and so I would get pissed off in a way that was very personal. Then as I was in the writing process, I would try to make the statement larger than just myself, and so in some small way, some songs became universal. But it wasn’t ever calculating. I couldn’t write commercials and jingles. I just began to think of ways to make the songs larger than myself, and the songs just kept growing.”

Wrote a Song For Everyone is a testament to the fact that the songs written by John Fogerty over the past forty-five years continue to speak in a powerful way to generations of music makers and music lovers. “I must say that every now and then, there’s a song I’ve written that I felt like existed before me, and ‘Proud Mary’ is definitely one of them,” says Fogerty. “There’s other songs around in the world that feel like that — certainly more than a few by Dylan and the Beatles, to put myself in some very exclusive company. But in an abstract way, I’m kind of detached from it. I don’t walk around like I’m Irving Berlin. I think I’m an All American kid, so it blows me away to be associated with a song like that because in my heart of hearts, I know it’s pretty good. I felt like something or someone had touched me with that song. That was the first one like that. But I don’t think I was ever the spokesman of my generation. Bob Dylan can have that title. I used to joke around about that like Someone hand me the phone now — I need to get in touch with my generation.”

“I’m honored and humbled that my music still means something to so many people including the artists on this album,” Fogerty says. “I love making music. So the idea that I get to do this for a living still instead of selling insurance, well, that means the world to me.”

The Arizona State Fair is proud to have John Fogerty as a member of the 2014 Concert Series, and welcomes him to the Coliseum on Saturday, October 18, 2014. General admission seating is FREE with Fair Admission and Reserved Seating is $20, purchase tickets here!

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