Abbey Road cover 0807 AR

45 years ago today (Friday), The Beatles created a sensation by crossing a street.

On August 8th, 1969, they made a spur-of-the-moment decision to have themselves photographed walking across Abbey Road, just outside the EMI studio where they recorded, for the cover of what would become their last studio album, Abbey Road. The cover is famous not only for the crosswalk, which fans visit daily, but because of the fuel it added to the “Paul Is Dead” controversy. Some examples:

  • Paul is in bare feet and out of step with his bandmates.
  • There’s a Volkswagen Beetle with a “28-IF” license plate, the age Paul would have been had he “lived.”
  • John is dressed in white, signifying a priest.
  • Ringo is in black, which many believe is a sign that he was the undertaker.
  • George is in denim, so he was dubbed the gravedigger.

And why did Macca go barefoot? He tells us, “It was a real hot day in London and I had sandals on and I kicked them off — big deal.”

You can now see the crossing live, anytime of day or night, at