The new Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young box set, CSNY 1974, documents what has often been referred to as the “Doom Tour.” Graham Nash, who produced the box, says it was indeed a tour filled with lots of debauchery, and a new quiz has just been published pointing out just some of what went on behind the scenes.

Here are some unbelievably true things that happened during that summer:

  • “On this tour CSNY invented the 10-second rule for blow. This occurred one day when they spilled cocaine on the carpet, and responded by getting down on the floor and snorting it off the carpet.”
  • Bob Dylan showed up backstage at one point and played all the songs from Blood on the Tracks for Stephen Stills and bassist Tim Drummond before the album was released. Stills, coked out of his mind, told Dylan the songs weren’t any good.”
  • “Bassist Tim Drummond once appeared onstage wearing a T-shirt that read, “NO HEAD, NO BACKSTAGE PASS.”
  • “Road manager R. Mac Holbert recalled how David Crosby would order him to his hotel room and make him discuss business while one of the two girlfriends accompanying Crosby on the tour went down on Crosby.”
  • “According to Joni Mitchell, at the tour’s climactic show at Wembley Stadium in London, the band members were doing so much cocaine that they had nosebleeds as they approached the stage.”