Different Direction.


 U2: No Ordinary Video Director




When U2 needed someone to make their recent lyrics-based video for “Ordinary Love,” from the movie Mandela, they came up with a pair of anything-but-ordinary video directors.

Oliver Jeffers, who shot the clip with Mac Premo, one of his partners in the art collective called OAR, is an Australian-born, Brooklyn-based children’s book author and illustrator — not exactly who you’d expect a band like U2 to call on to do a video based on such serious subject matter. In an interview that ran Friday in The Guardian, Jeffers explains that it came about “by chance,” because Bono’s wife, Ali, used to read his books to her kids.

He says that one day he and Bono met for a drink “and one thing led to another. That’s the way I work. Nothing’s really planned –- it’s organic.”

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