An Amazon glitch allowed some enterprising AC/DC fans to get their entire catalog dirt cheap.

From last Friday until Tuesday morning, Amazon’s website was selling an MP3 compilation called AC/DC: The Complete Collection for just $6.99. The link was shared on Twitter by people who’d noticed the price glitch, which obviously caught Amazon’s eye and got it pulled down. The compilation, which was originally released through iTunes in 2012, has a list price of $119.99.

The collection has 27 discs worth of music spread over 290 songs, which total up to 23 hours, one minute and 20 seconds of listening time. It has 14 of their studio albums, their EP ’74 Jailbreak, their three live albums, the soundtrack for Who Made Who and all the unreleased music on their box sets Bonfire and Backtracks. The only album not in the set is the soundtrack for Iron Man 2, which just featured all previously released material.