BRIAN WILSON: Is It Time to Slow Down?




Have you wondered why we haven’t seen or heard much from Brian Wilson — and why his plans for a European tour with Jeff Beck fell through?

The surf-rock icon’s daughter Carnie tells New York’s Daily News, “He is 72 and is doing OK. He is laying back a little bit, which is about time. I want him to do that. He has been on the road for 15 years, and he has continued to do whatever he wants.” Carnie, who works occasional gigs with her sister Wendy and pal Chynna Phillips, adds, “I like to make him dinner and hang out, but I want him to slow down.”

Jeff Beck, whose band shared bills with Brian’s last fall, and recorded tracks for Wilson’s next and now apparently stalled album, recently offered harsher opinions. After signing on for summer shows with ZZ Top, Beck called last fall’s tour with Wilson “a bit of a nightmare.” Hinting at a disconnect between the legends, Jeff said, “He doesn’t speak. He’s clearly in need of attention. But that’s just my opinion… For four days I sat there and didn’t even know Brian was in the room. He was so quiet, he never uttered a syllable.”

Carnie has issue with Beck’s comments, calling them “crass and out there. I thought they had a good time on tour.” Wendy Wilson added, “I think you have to support your colleagues and the people you work with. It is in good taste to say nice things about them even if you think otherwise.”

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