•    Seven people died from swallowing poisoned Tylenol. This event is why food and medicine packages are now so tightly wrapped. 
•    The largest cash robbery in History occurs in New York when $9,800,000 is stolen from an armored car.
•    Time Magazine names The Computer machine of the year – its man of the year.
•    John DeLorean got busted for trying to sell coke to keep his failing car company from going under.
•    The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC is dedicated.

•    MOVIES: “Tron”,  “Rocky III”,  “ET” & “Tootsie”
•    T.V.: “Dallas”, “M*A*S*H” “A-Team” and “Dynasty”
•    Freeware was first used by Andrew Flueleman and Jim Knopf to distribute their application which allowed programs to be copied, in 1984 the distribution of this type of software changed from freeware to what is better known now as Shareware.
•    Scott Fahlman from Carnegie Mellon University first suggested the use of Smiley or emoticon as a way of expressing emotion in an email.
•    Diet Coke was new on the soft drink scene.
•    (Paul) Newman’s Own opened for business, making a profit from year one, and donating all profits to charity.
•    The First Issue of USA Today is published. 

•    John Belushi
•    Ingrid Bergman
•    Henry Fonda
•    Grace Kelly
•    Randy Rhodes

•    This is from the album Emotions in Motion.
•    It was Squier’s third chart bound song. 
•    Billy Squier began promoting his album opening for Queen, but by the end of his tour he was headling an arena tour of his own.
•    This stayed at the top spot of Billboard’s Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart for 6 weeks.
•    Here’s Billy Squier with “Everybody Wants You” your #1 @ 1 from August 1982. 

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