Ozzy Osbourne has issued a statement regarding quotes from him published in The Mail Online about his reaction to 9/11 [See previous Ozzy story].

First, he claims he “never spoke to The Mail Online,” but that they pulled “several quotes from another interview” he did for Shortlist.com, which was posted earlier in the day. He says those quotes were “taken out of context” by The Mail Online to create their story.

Ozzy apologizes to anyone who may see these quotes and believes this is actually how he feels and says he “would never want to offend or hurt anyone.”

He says “you would think that at my age I would finally realize that any conversation with a journalist can be twisted, reprinted and made into another story” and calls what happened “another life lesson learned.”

Ozzy’s reps have asked The Mail Online to pull the piece, but the singer says, “of course, they’ve refused and now it has been subsequently picked up worldwide because of the sensational slant The Mail Online put on the story.”