Foods To AVOID if You’re Hoping To Get Lucky

Foods To AVOID if You’re Hoping To Get Lucky

Here’s a rundown of some foods that can really mess with your mojo:

Cheese – Cheese made from cow’s milk suppresses testosterone levels.

Mint – While fresh breath is key when making your moves, be careful
because it’s not good for your libido.

Coffee – Being pepped up is good, but caffeine also leads to increased
anxiety, which can lower your sex drive.

Diet Soda – The aspartame in these beverages directly affect the male
serotonin levels, a vital hormone for getting happy. So watch it even if you use diet as a mixer!

Microwave Popcorn – It might seem random, but the nonstick chemicals
used in the inner lining of microwave popcorn bags can have a direct affect on
your manhood, actually making it difficult to perform.