Weird week. Parts of it flew by. Others, dragged. Thankfully, we made it again. And so…let’s start the day off with nonsense!

Some people find this guy annoying. I think he’s got talent, and gets it.

Colbert, rules.

Not to be outdone…I give you, Steven Tyler.

Just trying to help.


As opposed to

His Mensa application, is on its way.

This guy, is the guy in the above story’s, Mensa-sponsor.

Well…it *is* an “energy bar.”

“What balls he has!”

I didn’t even have to *guess* where this was.

I’m a bit conflicted here

“I find your lack of humidity…disturbing.”

You think?

“Check me if I’m wrong, Sandy…”

Can’t imagine *why* this caused an uproar.


This actually looks funny.


Sure…what could go wrong?

I, for one, welcome our new Bear-overlords.

…and finally,

Fast n’ Furious(year old)

Enjoy your weekend! Thanks for listening!